Chris Aldhous | Creative Catalyst 

Chris co-created the 2015 Creative Factory during COP21 with fab lab aficionado Ophelia Noor and composer David Holyoake, his co-founder

Chris’ background is advertising but he founded GOODPILOT then STRANGE CHEMISTRY Ltd to apply that creative marketing to storytelling tasks for NGOs and charities such as ActionAid, WaterAid, Bollocks to Poverty, International Alert and SIPRI, developing such diverse projects as Ghosts of Gone Birds, the Talking Peace Festival and Conflict Café.

Now with the POND he hopes to bring fresh thinking, imagination and energy to the task of tackling climate change.

One of his fondest childhood memories is school summer holidays spent with his grandfather, an old-fashioned game-keeper, helping him clear and manage a series of abandoned and overgrown fishing ponds across a sprawling country estate in Surrey. 

Karl Walker | Opportunity & change maker

Karl is an opportunity maker in the field of sustainability and energy. An advisor on organisational and project, sustainable planning and strategy.

With 15 years of expertise in green infrastructure, building design and construction, he led the strategy for the UKs most sustainable public building. Brent Civic Centre achieved 6 Sustainability Awards up to 2015.

Karl was nominated as one of UK Building magazine’s Top 50 Brightest Talent in Sustainability, 2014. Having trained with Former Vice President Al Gore & The Climate Reality Project, Karl presents and facilitates workshops on climatic change with an emphasis on youth empowerment. With his entrepreneurial spirit and creative flare, he is actively campaigning on projects in support of system change not climate change.

‘At the pond, under a weeping willow tree and next to a wishing well, I played. Observing the hive of activity, I witnessed the symbiosis unfold. It was here I realized the importance of immersing oneself in nature.

Paul Beer | Design guru

Paul loves classic typography and creative communication. Studied at London College of Printing and Chelsea College of Arts. Paul’s background is advertising.

At present detoxing from the use of digital photoshop and creating collage work for enviromental projects. Worked at the Creative Factory Paris for Climate Change COP21 as resident collage artist / art director and Senior designerfor ‘Say no to Heathrow 3rd runway’ campaigns 2016.

Created the graphic identity and designed the Bloomsbury-published book for Ghosts of Gone Birds with Chris. 

Memories of sailing my homemade model boat with my mum and dad at the helm in ‘Kings Mere Pond Wimbledon Common’, and wading up to my neck avoiding dragonflies and sticklebacks, to retrieve my slowly sinking boat.

Tom Old | Pathfinder

An entrepreneur who has realised how much more fulfilling life can be if you append social to the beginning (social-entrepreneur).

Tom acquired a diverse set of experience while growing the consumer electronics ‘Disruptive Ltd’ to reach a global turnover of $55M. During a tenure of 10 years, he performed pivotal roles in all functions of the business including marketing, product development, sales, finance and operations.

In 2014 Tom changed course and spent the summer in the Peruvian Rainforest with the sustainability organisation Crees. In addition to the Pond he runs two social enterprises and Tom is passionate about applying his experience to projects with purpose and disrupting the status quo.

The Pond was a place to loose hours at a time engrossed in the life that swam, buzzed and floated. The arrival of spring and a fresh batch of tadpoles was always as highlight