The POND is a new type of creative do tank that has emerged out of our collective experiences meeting and working together at the CREATIVE FACTORY hosted by PLACE TO B during COP21.

We hope it will flow effortlessly between words and actions, providing a fertile environment for new types of creative thinking and problem-solving - to meaningfully tackle the ongoing threat of a radically-changing global climate system.

We are passionate about wanting to move forward the debate with fresh ways of thinking, making and doing. The POND approach will nurture this by inviting people from all corners of the world, and all walks of life to join the process of articulating what we need to do in our everyday lives to confront and defeat the causes of destructive climate change.

The POND will be a place where art, academia and activism cross pollinate new strains of thinking that are nevertheless firmly rooted in the real world.

We call them ‘life-sized solutions’ – actions that go beyond the usual data-crunching and jargon-spilling to welcome the practical involvement of the widest spectrum of society.

Projects that talk to and inspire people.

From family and friends to colleagues and fellow-travellers. The POND seeks to mobilise every community with creative thinking that reveals how climate change is not a distant spectre but an everyday challenge.

Because we genuinely believe that the daily lives we now lead are inseparable from the climate changes going on around the world – and that the daily decisions we make have to reflect that new reality of
climate change connectivity


We are climate change

And as such we all have to work together to solve it